Lissie D'Oleo, the creative mind behind nilsapuig

I think Lissie D'Oleo, the creative mind behind this brand, knows that we love her and who doesn’t! If it's a delight just visiting her Instagram account (@nilsapuig), or visit her store, and appreciate each of her designs. And is that as a loyal customer of the firm since its beginning, I have been able to observe the attention that she earnestly puts to the completion of each of her designs. You can use the outfits both inside and out (at that level). Their blouses played an important role in the photos of my editorial letters, and they do not wear out, since the quality of their fabrics and materials is optimal. I recently had the opportunity to talk to her about nilsapuig’s latest pieces, which will be available this summer at the Michelle Farmer Collaborate Boutiques around the United States.

Finally, I sat down to talk to her about the brand's novelties, which will be available as of this summer, at the Michelle Farmer Collaborate Boutiques around the United States.

We have seen how, in recent last years, nilsapuig has grown influencing the taste and style of the Dominican woman, via the comments of your followers on social media, and even, when opening your first store in the center of Santo Domingo. How does it make you feel to take this step and what can your clients find at the shop?

Very excited to be able to capture the essence of the brand in a brick and mortar space. Everyone who visits the boutique will feel transported to a magical space full of art and romance... that boutique is sui generis. There you will find pieces that are renewed every two weeks in sizes from 0 to 14.

Tell us about the decoration of the store, is your own taste reflected in it?

Yes, the store is the pure essence of the brand. nilsapuig has a well-defined style and it is directly influenced by the character I inherited from my parents (from my mother her love of details, ladylike style, her good taste, love of linen and especially bows; from my father his love for classical music, art and books). In a corner you can find a handful of books on good manners, Antonio Gaudi and Parisian recipes; in another corner you find brushes, bows and wooden boxes... the boutique is little bits of me.

What are the materials you like to work with the most?

I call myself a tweed aficionado, for me it is a delight to work with tweed (both cotton mixed with linen and wool); also linen (100% linen) has always been my first love, especially when it has embroidery; the cotton jacquard, the French lace, the broderie anglaise, organic cottons and organdy. Those are my favorites but I work with many others more like denim, canvas and piqué.

We see that you not only find inspiration when creating your outer layer designs, but also on how they look like on the inside; they also tell a story, by paying close attention to the details in the completion of each piece. How much do you get involved in the production process and how do you achieve it, being also a mother with other great responsibilities?

As a company we have a golden rule: the nilsapuig pieces have to look exquisite on the outside as well as on the inside. The motto is "it has to be able to be turned inside out".

At nilsapuig we strive to produce a prêt-à-porter garment with a high-end finish. Most of our pieces are finished by hand. I am involved in the whole process. I work hand in hand with a team of wonderful professionals that God put in my way. How do I do it? It is definitely the grace of God. It is extremely difficult to direct, manage and develop a brand with as many quality demands as this and at the same time being the mother of a homeschooler. I confess I finish my days exhausted.

What accessory do you think should be essential in a woman's closet?

A white blouse, black trousers, denim pants, a tweed jacket and ballerinas. I would gladly switch the "little black dress" for a tweed jacket with slacks.

What designs are you bringing this summer?

A posh white collection that I am preparing... I already presented a sneak peek in social media. White is the ideal color for summer, especially in the Caribbean where the sun is so intense. That collection has "one-shoulder" tops, shirt dresses with a nilsapuig tweak, tunics...

You have customers in different parts of the world, what has been the most remote place from which you have received an order from?

The furthest place to which we have sent a nilsapuig piece is Australia.

How can people see your designs outside the Dominican Republic?

On instagram (@nilsapuig), Etsy and soon in our page

Any anecdote to tell about the nilsapuig journey?

nilsapuig started as a hobby... one December I received a sketching notebook and a set of charcoal pencils from my baby brother and the first thing I drew were pieces of clothing... a couple of weeks later I had the nilsapuig label in my hands.

Another curiosity is that over the years I have become used to people calling me "nilsa". I’ve grown to feel the name is part of who I am that I no longer correct them when they call me nilsa… I just respond to it by making it completely mine.

What do you enjoy doing, besides creating for nilsapuig?

Riding horses (I love horses), I really enjoy studying the Bible with John MacArthur’s podcasts, listening to Jorge explaining details of World War II, watching musicals, playing piano with Jorge, cooking vegetarian recipes and sharing them with my family, I enjoy grinding coffee, visiting museums and theaters, writing, reading, playing tennis... I’m a busy bee.

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