A brewery at the Revival Brewing Company

We are a family of brewers. I remember that my uncle Rafelito, known for his talents in the kitchen, would, in our early youth, put a plastic cup next to our plate so my cousins and I could enjoy an iced cold Presidente beer along with his food creations. From then on, my taste for drinks was born, and ever since, I was curious to visit one of the most attractive breweries in my state of Rhode Island, the Revival Brewing Company.

I invited German to come with me and get to know the history of the brand, Revival, and be part of the whole experience. "And those heeled shoes?", was the first thing he said when he saw me ready, because when we mentioned the term, "factory," it’s synonymous with " flats shoes", "tennis shoes", "comfort". But, who understands women? That day I got to put these shoes I got out of a memory vault, (rather, the trunk where I put all the clothes when I got pregnant), and it wasn’t until I came across this picture that I regretted that moment.

I have noticed when discovering the stories behind great brands, that all happen because of one dream from the founder or founders, and their passion for the work they do to make it happen. They are really people who enjoy what they are creating, and trust the value of their results, and this was no exception.

The history of this company began when its creator, Sean Larkin, a master brewer with more than 19 years of experience in the area, worked for various breweries. He has won 14 important prizes such as the Great International Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. At one point in his career, he began to dream about creating his own beer (like when we say it's time to create my own project! Can be difficult but, not impossible).

He joined the entrepreneur and investor, Owen Johnson, who took his experience of more than 20 years in the business world, to the creation of this new empire known as Revival. Together they are dynamite. They ensure that through their company, they commit to create wonderful and distinctive beers that attract everyone, from beer fans (like me) to those who are just beginning to experience the world of craft beers.

The team was very nice when they welcomed us. After touring the factory and seeing how the production process develops, they took us to the tasting room, which has is very original and jovial decoration.

I was transported to a time in my childhood when I was playing Street Fighter with my brother. There is a retro videogame area, tables with a selection of board games (interesting to share, in these times when people walk in a group, but at the same time they wrap themselves in the networks of the networks).

German and I sat at the bar, where Kevin, with glasses in hand, began to present each of the brands they make, their variety has 24 different types of beers. But, we did not try all of them! This is a matter of going over again a few times to continue tasting.

Among my favorites (and not because the logo is pink, with two beautiful flamingos), was the Pinky Swear Berliner Weisse, which combines water with tons of raspberries and blueberries, which at the end of the fermentation results in a sour and refreshing delicious drink.

One that caught my attention was the Mercy Brown Imperial Ale, which offers rich warm notes of malt to awaken the senses. Dried plums, toasted malts and dark caramel tones end with a spicy herbal flavor.

This funny monkey (German said no, he is a gorilla) was his favorite. It's the Holy Moley Coffee Stout, a mix of malts - England's Maris nourishment, chocolate, glass, roasted barley and chocolate wheat, along with the EKG hops and the specially roasted white electric coffee from the new vintage grills, create a Complex drink with notes of sweet and sour coffee and chocolate.

It was a very enriching and fun experience. These are the stories that inspire us to leave our comfort zone and start our own businesses, under our dreams and ideals. German and I followed the route that day, and we stopped at an Italian restaurant where I later tasted the best Fruti di Mari pasta that I have ever eaten. Do not miss that post! See you letter alligator...

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