Spa with L'Occitane

I was invited along with a group of publishers and fashion bloggers, with Valentina included in the belly, to relax in an L'Occitane spa located in the paradisiacal beaches of the east of my country. The Club Med is a hotel for the whole family, with premium services and all inclusive.

This invitation came just when I needed it the most, because my feet were so swollen that they looked like elephant feet, due to the weight I already had because of my belly. Before leaving, I had to buy a couple of outfits to look good, with my tummy (I know, it's not easy to find clothes at that stage, but you can, as long as it's not clothes for pregnant women... I've never liked those clothes), before such an important experience, so I went to Zara and bought me two dresses ideal for the hot climate of the area.

The first night in the complex they made us an exquisite dinner (according to what they told me, because the nausea did not let me taste a bite), and the drinks were delicious (also, according to what they told me, because I could not drink either, because of my condition).

The next day we finally arrived at the spa.

At the entrance they gave us different types of tea, and we had the opportunity to snoop around the L'Occitane store. I bought a spray that I found, and that I had never seen, actually, I didn’t even know this fragrance existed. It is to sprinkle your sheets and smell lavender. I bought it to impress German, my husband, and it was so much that impressed him, that he fell asleep with the relaxing effects of lavender.

Well, continuing with the spa experience, we were led to the cabins that are located just in front of the sea.

As a matter of fact, this has been the most relaxing experience of my life, as the warm towel that wrapped my feet, with the contrast of the cold sea breeze, the rich aroma of L'Occitane infusions, the sound of the palm trees in coordination with the sound of the waves of the sea, made me reflect on the need that prevails from, once in a while, disconnect from the desire of daily living and dedicate time to ourselves... in other words, pamper ourselves more!

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