Pillow for the eyes: I love you...

Recently, I was with a discomfort in my eyes, I could not have them open... but I couldn’t close them either. It was an indescribable ardor, which I assumed was due to pollen, and allergies during the spring.

As one always lives in hectic days: work, pick up the children, the husband with the "what are we going to have dinner?", and school homework, the last thing we think about is ourselves. I think it is a mistake, because, although it is true that we must be the empowered women that we should support the family, it is no less true that if we do not pay attention to ourselves, none of the above would be possible. That's why I made a stop (literally), and went to Macy's to see if I could find a little pillow for my eyes, to put it on at home, when I went to bed, to disconnect.

I found several, but this one was what I considered the ideal for the problem I had at that time. This one has a gel inside that allows you to put it in the freezer, but also, to heat in the microwave.

These pillows are a must have at the time you want to relax. I am currently in search of one that has lavender inside, as it is known, the flowers of this plant favor our body, from helping you to have a good night's sleep, even to take away a strong headache (ah! its oil helps you with the problem of dandruff, and hair loss).

I found this handmade, on Etsy, by Candles by Tiffany.

Its price ranges from $5.00 to $15.00 dollars. It's time for you to disconnect! And to get one of these!

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