Breasts fallen after breastfeeding? Here is the solution...

May 28, 2018



One of the issues that worries mothers the most after breastfeeding for months is the possibility of flabby and sagging breasts. The dilemma of whether we undergo plastic surgery or not rumbles in our head, either because of the money issue, or because we do not find recommendations for a good doctor, or because of the fear of the operating room. Well I have found a solution to the problem, with name of: the Bombshell of Victoria's Secret.

Those who do not know, if you go to one of their stores and tell their staff to advise you (it's like a secret brotherhood code that you should say: "Advise me"), and immediately they take you by the arm, with "drums and cymbals", to a special space, very cozy, that they have to pamper you, where you explain what your needs are, and from there they start, with patience and attention, to find the support that best suits you.





In this case, I made the Bombshell, in two of its versions: the strapless (which you can also use with braces) and the permanent braces. Both will make you look two more sizes of bust (if you want to increase a little).




This thanks to the system of quilting in the lower part of its interior. Both are super comfortable, and I recommend, in the beginning, buy them on a natural color, since you can use it with all kinds of outfit colors, and they will not be noticed.




As a special prize (and to my surprise), if you buy more than 80 dollars in merchandise, they give you one of their beach bags. This was the one I selected for a future trip to the beach, which I hope will be soon!


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