"The Macallan" an experience with all the senses

That moment, while you're in the middle of a traffic jam, with a blazing sun and the air conditioning of your vehicle is not working, your boss calls you to tell you that you have to travel to Scotland for a week, it's priceless. It's like seeing the sky open, you rise up, get out of the traffic jam and walk on the clouds. That trip marked a before and after in my journalistic career. I was invited by Ron Brugal to learn how to make the whiskey they represent in the Dominican Republic, The Macallan. On that trip, to which we were invited by a group of editors, we learned about the production process from beginning to end of this exquisite beverage.

We started in Spain. There, we met those who worked with wood, the main material in the elaboration of the barrels that aged whiskey. I took advantage, despite the dream I had for the change of time (jet lag), to get to know the streets of Madrid a bit, with GPS in hand. I loved the air, above all, I loved the food. I sat in a small restaurant and the smell of prosciutto was like the aroma of the place. I ordered a colored drink (I'm not someone who drinks, but the place was very inviting), and then more travel companions started joining.

The next day we traveled to Scotland in a small plane, where wine was my best ally to fight the panic of flying.

They took us to The Elephant House Cafe, where Harry Potter writer, J. K. Rowling used to go for inspiration when all she could afford was black coffee, to write the story that catapulted her to fame. I prayed that just like her, something would happen to me in that place, so that the story would be repeated, but no matter how hard I tried, that did not happen...

The next day we traveled by bus to Craigellachie in the Speyside region, the distillery where The Macallan was born and produced. There they took us to live the experience of how the spirit drink is made.

We stayed at Easter Elchies House, an extension of 158 hectares, of which 36 are sown in spring with our exclusive variety of oats Minstrel for the production of whiskey The Macallan. Built in 1700, the house is located in the heart of the Macallan estate.

And one of my traveling companions, Juan Manuel, waisted no time and dressed in his kilt, as it is tradition in that region.

On the tour of the factory they started uncovering a whiskey barrel so I could smell the drink (I'm sure many men, including my husband, would have enjoyed this moment a lot). The aroma of the whiskey was so rich, that I put it on as perfume and I was the sensation.

After the tour we went by jeep to live an extreme experience for the barley plantations of the brand. Then we practice target shooting, and finally, we went to the house of an employee of the factory, who prepared a delicious BBQ and had a cooler full of local beers just for us (I was happy).

In the evening we went back to have a dinner with the Whiskey Maker, Bob Dalgarno, who told us his experience in this profession, and enjoyed our time with him, tasting various versions of The Macallan.

This was a wonderful journey in which we put all the senses to the test.

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