Dropshipping: Create an online store, with zero dollars, zero cents. (Part 1)

In most cases, one chooses a profession that’s the one we live in, but on the other hand we always have that entrepreneurial thorn to generate income with a hobby. For example, I am a journalist, but I love sales. I have been able to sell from T-shirts that I created with unpublished illustrations, accessories, clothes imported from China, even handmade baby shoes. If this is your case, but you do not have a dollar to invest, dropshipping is perfect for you.

Imagine you want to put an online store, for example, to sell eyelashes (I can think of this because the artificial eyelashes sell like hot cakes). There are online stores (large and experienced companies), which have this type of product for sale, and they are very interested in having someone generate more sales, put at your disposal the option of dropshiping, where they give you a special price as a buyer and owner of another online store, they receive your sales and process the order, then, they send the product directly to your client, so you did not invest a penny, you just won. Here’s another example:

Imagine that I go to your online store "Pestañitas.com" and buy a package of false eyelashes that cost me $5.00 dollars. You, all happy with your new online business, receive the $5.00 dollars. Now with those $5.00 you go to the other online store, which is the one that supplies you the eyelashes, "Losmontrosdelaspestañas.com", and since you are a special member enrolled in their dropshipping program, the eyelashes are $3.00. You make the purchase there, you give them the client’s address (they gave you that information when they bought at your store), and they send it to the client without the name of their store registered in the package so, the client will never find out that who gave them the eyelashes was not "Pestañitas.com" but, "Losmontrosdelaspestañas.com". This is like an agreement that you get with the other store, "I send you more customers, you do not reveal that the one who has the merchandise, is you"

That sale generated $2.00 dollars, but imagine that you work on a good marketing strategy for your store "Pestañitas.com" through a free account on Instagram, Facebook, and other networks, and that you start selling 100 packs of eyelashes a month, this would leave you a profit of $200 dollars, that would not be bad at all, you could use that to treat yourself, or you could put it to work on another marketing campaign, the choice is yours, and think that you made the money without even having to put a foot outside your house and without needing to buy any large quantities of merchandise that you don’t have the storage for , or that you don’t know if you are going to sell. What if it’s going so well that you sell 1,000 packages a month? Open your calculator on the start button of your computer.

As if all this explanation of how the dropshipping works was not enough, in case you're like me that sometimes with a frown and a cranky voice, still closeminded and say "talk to me with graphics", here's another example, now in drawing, which I did specially for you:

Well, this topic of dropshipping is very interesting, I have a year researching and putting it into practice and I think it's great for entrepreneurs who do not have the capital to start up their own business. The truth is that if you decide this is right for you, you must dedicate your time and organize it well, because it is effective, it is. It is a very broad topic, so I started with this first part, but I promise that in the second part, I will write about the steps to create a free online store (or with little budget, if you have any), which is the first step towards your business.

Now, I would like to know if you prefer to talk about this through a video or through a written post like this (it is not easy to make a video, that involves mounting camera, lights, audio, produce myself, make up, comb my hair, edit, but you know what? I love that too!). So I'm all ears, well, right now eyes. You can comment below, ask questions, or write me an email to info@helennunez.com.

To be continued…

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