Biltmore House in North Carolina

It is amazing just to think that a house of this magnitude was built for the 1800's, with that level of detail. It's what came to my mind when I came back from this trip, (I was invited by Nissan vehicles). We visited because of the launching of their new X-Trail vehicle, in Biltmore Estate, in North Carolina.

They hosted us, together with a group of colleagues, in the surroundings of the mansion that is considered the largest in the Americas: Biltmore House, specifically in the hotel, The Inn, a luxurious complex that is part of the city, a hotel designed by the one and only, Vanderbilt.

The house, which is really a Renaissance castle, was built by George Vanderbilt, grandson of the famous businessman and philanthropist Cornelius Vanderbilt, one of the best-known families in the United States. In 1889 construction began, and it took about 6 years to complete. It has 250 rooms (I imagine they had many friends), and is surrounded by an ecological paradise, gardens designed by the renowned architect and landscaper Frederick Law Olmsted.

My group and I had a tour of the mansion (sadly, it was forbidden to take pictures, because it is an experience that I would had liked to share), and after an exclusive party (full of attentions) on the roof of the mansion, we savored hors d'oeuvres, we enjoyed the diversity of sparkling wines, we felt the rich breeze that nature brings, and we talked about the business vision of Cornelius Vanderbilt and his railroads.

Then, we went down to one of its terraces, where they prepared a special dinner with beautiful decoration and exquisite dishes.

The next day we toured the X-Trail, through the surrounding mountains.

When we got back to Biltmore Estate, we were able to visit its surroundings and see how those who live there, produce their own products for consumption, and the consumption of tourists who visit the place every day. At dusk, we could tour the vineyards as a group, sit down to taste its variety of wines, and tour the Villa de Antler Hill.

At night, and as a farewell activity, we enjoyed a country party where we enjoyed beers, live music and local dishes. I hope the experience will be repeated soon!

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