I am a Dominican journalist and tv producer, born in the “Ciudad Corazón,” Santiago. I am the mother of three children: Rodrigo, Fernando and baby Valentina. Here I share with you my discoveries and experiences as a Mom, the exquisite and unusual places I encounter, my work with amazing entrepreneurs -let's learn from their formulas!-, and the recipes I create in my forever attempt of becoming a chef . 

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January 17, 2020

White top from a fashion designer

July 25, 2019

¡Cómo pasa el tiempo! Parece que fue ayer que llegué a Rhode Island, y en pocos días cumpliré un año por estos predios. Ya que baby Valentina está más grandecita, he empezado a visitar lugares interesantes y atractivos, en los cuales pueda inmiscuirme y poder descubrir...

June 1, 2018

I think Lissie D'Oleo, the creative mind behind this brand, knows that we love her and who doesn’t! If it's a delight just visiting her Instagram account (@nilsapuig), or visit her store, and appreciate each of her designs. And is that as a loyal customer of the firm s...

May 31, 2018

We are a family of brewers. I remember that my uncle Rafelito, known for his talents in the kitchen, would, in our early youth, put a plastic cup next to our plate so my cousins and I could enjoy an iced cold Presidente beer along with his food creations. From then on,...

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