This space is like a living room, where I have placed three armchairs full of cushions, those that make us feel in the clouds. In the center, a small coffee table where I serve my guests a delicious, freshly brewed Dominican coffee or a glass of wine for those who come here all stressed out and desire to relax. In this living room I will sit down to converse with people who, thanks to their talent, have managed to highly position themselves in the area in which they develop. There are the extraordinary stories - sometimes full of vicissitudes - of those who have conquered mountains with their talents, tenacity and hard work. Here we will see personalities of all walks of life, from sports to fashion design. Get comfy in your chair! 

June 1, 2018

I think Lissie D'Oleo, the creative mind behind this brand, knows that we love her and who doesn’t! If it's a delight just visiting her Instagram account (@nilsapuig), or visit her store, and appreciate each of her designs. And is that as a loyal customer of the firm since its beginning, I have been able to observe the attention that she earnestly puts to the completion of each of her designs. You can us...

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