About me 

I am a Dominican journalist and tv producer, born in the “Ciudad Corazón,” Santiago. My sister used to laugh out loud when I wrote, sang and recorded songs on a radio cassette imagining I co-hosted a radio show with my neighbor and bestie, Yahaira. From an early age I knew I wanted to become a writer, that’s why I enrolled in the career of Social Communication, minor in Journalism, in the PUCMM. A few days after graduation, I contacted a film director and asked him to give me a chance to work as an intern in the production of his film "Camino Malo” (Bad Road) and, despite the unfortunate name, it was the best road I could take because, although I didn’t receive a penny for the 12 hours a day of filming, I earned an  experience that would help me as a stepping-stone to advance as a journalist. I know that everything is possible, as long as we have the desire to succeed, the creativity, perseverance and knowledge. We must believe in our ideas and personal projects in such a way that our passion for them is palpable and stronger than any failure we come across.


 I am the mother of three children: Rodrigo, Fernando and baby Valentina. Here I share with you my discoveries and experiences as a Mom, the exquisite and unusual places I encounter, my work with amazing entrepreneurs -let's learn from their formulas!-, and the recipes I create in my forever attempt of becoming a chef .