When I was younger, during my college years  -not so long ago right?!- I used to come home and find the table already served. My mother, who loves to pamper us, never asked me to help in the kitchen – and I never really offered to for I preferred to do the dishes before burning my hands in the attempt of making scrambled eggs.  And since everything comes to an end, that ended when I met German, my husband. Since we women sometimes like to conquer our beau using our creativity and honoring the quote that says “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, I set myself to learn how to cook and enrolled in the Pucheu Gourmet Cooking School led by the renowned Dominican chef, Rafael Pucheu - who later prepared the delicious menu offered at my wedding. From then on I became an "expert" -in my mind- and continued to surprise my husband with my gourmet dishes. That's the story behind my passion for cooking and where my hashtag #Privandoenchefa was born. I invite you to try these recipes and join me in the kitchen. Let's cook!

May 27, 2018

I was once invited to ConstruWeekend, an event that happens every year in my country by entrepreneurs from the construction sector, in Cap Cana. The organizers are in charge of making this week very special and fun for all who meet there. The first activity we did was with a Peruvian chef, who taught us to prepare one of my favorite dishes: Ceviche, of course, Peruvian. I love this dish, but I don’t like to feel raw fish. To a...

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