I've always been very curious, specially relating to themes of business and start-ups that provide new ways to generate wealth. When I thought of launching this digital venue, the idea of ​​sharing with visitors what I learned about this topic was always a priority. When I was editor-in-chief of different magazines, my editorial letters were always full of words of encouragement for my readers… well in this section you will find the same, words of encouragement and money -not literal money, just tips on how to make it- . While it is true that entrepreneurship is very much in vogue, one of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves at the time of undertaking the task is "How do I start a business?", In this section I will present different options for those who wish to become entrepreneurs.. Let’s go for it! No excuses.

May 27, 2018

In most cases, one chooses a profession that’s the one we live in, but on the other hand we always have that entrepreneurial thorn to generate income with a hobby. For example, I am a journalist, but I love sales. I have been able to sell from T-shirts that I created with unpublished illustrations, accessories, clothes imported from China, even handmade baby shoes. If this is your case, but you do not have a dollar to invest,...

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